Year 4 Research Project
Medical Assistance in Dying, also known as MAiD, was recently legalized in Canada as of June 2016. With this, the process is largely unregulated and, while information is available online, there are currently no services in place to support individuals or their loved ones during this sensitive and unfamiliar time. 
Abstract is an informational, communication and support based service that acts as a facilitator for those who are personally, or are in relations, with someone who is accepted as eligible for MAiD. As a noun, “an abstract is a self-contained, short, and powerful statement that describes a larger work”... you. Catering to this, the app has four functions: a customized contact list, a shared calendar system, a letters section to save digital artifacts and a 24/7 calling and texting professional support service.
InDesign (presentation booklet layout)
XD CC (layout and app development)
Photoshop CC (icon editing)