BurnBrae Eggs
Internship Package Re-Design

Re-design an egg carton label that better educates the customer on different egg choices. 

Based on user-testing and research results, the design of the egg carton label had to address several missed opportunities to educate and engage the customer. This included:

a) addressing branding without relying on the memorability
of the logo
b) using easy-to-recognize and creative imagery
c) defining each egg type precisely and make comparison easy

This was achieved using simple icons as a focal point to illustrate hens housing type, space provided for each hen by square meters, as well as the hens diet. Furthermore, a QR code is included on each package that provides a link to a live “see where our hens live” video stream for a tangible customer experience.
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Illustrator CC (artwork)
InDesign CC (layout)
Lightroom CC (edit photographs)