Year 4 Brand Standards Guide
Develop an identity, brand standards and marketing campaign for an imaginary resort/hotel in Victoria, BC.

In the early 1900’s times were tough in North America, forcing workers to travel in search of work. These working travellers were named “hobos” and hitch hiked around the country passing through many towns. Each town had its own way of life, as well as formalities. With this, hobos developed a code, known as the “hobo code”, to warn fellow working travellers of the residence or town. An entire language of pictographs was developed, each icon with its own unique meaning, such as “free telephone”, “safe to camp”, “good water here” and so on. 
Modern working travellers and digital nomads have similar struggles. Utilizing the hobo code, HOBO is a hotel that features spa  amenities, a communal working space, modern meeting rooms and an upscale restaurant and bar service. While working travellers are still a very real part of today’s business world, the struggles of our brothers past are not. You won’t feel homesick, our services are better than home. 

Illustrator CC (artwork, icon and logo development)
Photoshop CC (photograph editing and mockups)
InDesign CC (booklet presentation layout)