Retail Case Study
Year 3 Internship Case Study

With a maximum of 5 slides, show research, opportunities and a rough mockup of how traditional retail stores can respond to e commerce by leveraging a new technology and experiences to own the end-to-end customer journey.

Focusing on LuLulemon as an example of a retail store suffering from e-commerce as competition, I developed a real-life system that replicated an online experience, with improved in-store features that you cannot get when shopping online. 
With the LuLulemon app, guests are greeted virtually at the door while educators (employees) also receive a push notification of who has entered the store. Screens are placed around the store as well as in the change rooms that feature an online database, fitting guide advice, request help button and mobile purchase connectivity to avoid line ups. 

Illustrator CC (research map)
Photoshop CC (mockups)
Keynote (presentation)